Performance design as a tool
to interrogate social phenomena.
Larissa Seilern

This project explores the role of the 'performative act' within the design process. Can performative strategies be utilized by designers, as a way to cultivate more responsible approaches within different social and cultural contexts? Performance can encourage design (and designers) to test and push boundaries, which in turn can trigger different processes and outcomes. It is time for Design to claim ‘performance’ as a tool within its practical methods and processes. The question I am trying to answer is how we can use performance as a tool to interrogate specific social phenomena, and potentially instigate social change. I will focus on a chosen space, which will act as my 'stage'. Within this space I will introduce ‘performative interventions’ directly into the social fabric, as a way to transform people's behaviour and relationship to their environment. In the end the success of a performance
relies upon the target group of people within the space: the audience. However the goal of the performance is that this target group moves from being passive observers to active 'participants'. The overall aim is that this designed methodology can function as a dynamic system,
and can be applied to any space at any time.


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