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Beta Service

    This is a beta service


Welcome to HomeSite, a LAMP stack for Departmental use

IT Services is currently trialling this project to collect feedback and allow testing.

The system is currently unsupported, and users store data at their own risk. For more information, or to make a request to use the system, please contact webteam (

Feedback from our user community is very important to us, and anyone trialling the system is encouraged to write to us with their experiences. Please email webteam ( with any comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

HomeSite trial at Goldsmiths

Q) When will this service be fully implemented?
A) That depends on feedback from users - if there is strong demand, then we will work to move the service to "production" status quickly. Your feedback (positive and negative) is very important to us, so please let us know what you think of the system. Please email dmg ( with any comments.

Q) Who is running this system?
A) At the moment, the server is managed by User Services within IT Services.

Q) Feature X is not working for me.
A) Unfortunately IT Services is not able to provide full technical support for HomeSite at the moment.